How To Optimize Images On Your Website

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If you have a website with a lot of images, it can be photographs, illustrated maps or artworks, image optimization are important. This is also important for e-commerce websites as they want their products’ images to be seen by possible buyers on the internet. Here are important tips to keep in mind.

  • When uploading images, do not retain the default name of the images. Search Engine Optimization takes into consideration the keywords used in every part of your website. Therefore, the file names of your images should describe it and should contain the important keywords. When naming, consider the keywords used by users on their search engines and use that to ensure that your images will come up on the search results.
  • Do not take “alt tags” for granted. These are text alternative that Google uses when the browser failed to provide the said image. This is also helpful in search engine optimization thus use the appropriate alt tags every time.
  • If you are selling a physical product, you have the option to showcase the different angles. If you are selling artworks or illustrated maps, your best bet in attracting buyers lies on choosing the correct image dimensions. Be careful about using images with sizes that are too large because it can impact the loading time of your website. It is better to embed it in a smaller image and give the viewers the option to enlarge it when they click on the image.
  • No matter how great your products are or how good your artworks are, if the images are not loading fast enough, no one will buy them. Therefore, the file size of your image should be reduced but in a way that it does not compromise the image quality.
  • Be informed that there are many kinds of image file you can use but the most common are JPEG, PNG and GIF. JPEG is the oldest type and is good for image compression. The result is a small image file but with good quality which is recommended for websites with illustrated maps, or artworks. GIFs have lower quality and are recommended for logos, icons and animations. PNG is the latest type and is better than GIFs though between the three JPEG images are still the best in quality.

The Importance Of User Friendly Navigation

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One of the main goals of website design is to create a great user experience. One of the methods used by web designers to enhance the experience of a visitor is to make navigation user-friendly. The website of business district hotel in Bangkok makes sure that visitors can easily find their way around to take advantage of the information offered.

Simple tricks for user-friendly navigation

The aesthetics of web design is very important but it becomes useless when the visitor cannot find his around the website. Navigation must be simple so that visitors can easily reach the information they need with as few clicks as possible. Every navigation option must be easily understood by the visitor. Avoid misleading words and phrases on the navigation menu can cause confusion.

Navigation must always be consistent on all the pages so that the visitor will not get lost. One of the most common questions asked by the visitor is “Where am I?” The question must always be answered by indicating the current location in the navigation menu. A location indicator will be a good solution to this issue. Visitors do not always arrive at the website through the homepage but they will know where they are through a combination of visual design changes, symbols and signs.

Navigation must always meet the needs of majority of visitors even if the target audience expects a particular interaction with the website. It is easier for visitors to recognize than remember. Make sure that all important navigation options are permanently visible at all times. It is wrong to assume that an option will not be usable to visitors.

A visitor to the site will be frustrated when the link clicked will reveal a 404 error page in response. Instead of clicking on another link, the visitor will likely stop the search and move to another functioning website.

Leisure and business travellers who are travelling to Thailand will find it more convenient to stay at business district hotel in Bangkok because of convenient access to the city and a multitude of attraction and entertainment options. Fast and convenient journey is available through the Skytrain and MRT subway system.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Web Design Consultant

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It does not matter if you are an educational institution, a business owner or a nonprofit organization, it is important to have a technology expert such as Lehigh Valley computer consultant. Having a web design consultant is not only cost-effective but also brings a ton of benefits. Even if you have someone in your IT staff who knows how to create a website, a web design consultant is another part of the spectrum because they can help make or break your site. Here are 5 reasons why you should get a consultant.

  • An excellent web design consultant knows how to look at a website by being in the customer’s shoes. Writing a high quality content and knowing about the industry is one thing. Designing a website based on this knowledge is another. A professional web design consultant like Lehigh Valley computer consultant knows how to make a website that will stand out from the competitors in the market because they have made one before and knows the ins and outs of the industry.
  • Despite the fact that you have an employee who knows how to make a website, it is worth investing in a consultant because the quality of their work is not something you can get from a regular employee. Majority of the businesses do not have employees to accomplish a big project such as a website with excellent design. Hiring in-house staff to design a website will cost more for the business compared to hiring a professional. Looking at the cost-benefit factor, it is worth hiring a consultant.
  • Web design consultants are more knowledgeable in the field, they have worked in many projects before, and they have creative ideas and innovative concept to bring to the table.
  • A professional web design consultant spent hours after hours of research that is both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Lastly, a technology expert such as Lehigh Valley computer consultant has passion to excel and dedication to deliver only the best for their clients. They go the extra mile to make sure that they exceed the expectations of their clients.

Soon Enough, Hotels Will Be Using Artificial Intelligence

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People today are so dependent on technology that they will not book accommodations in a hotel that does have Wi-Fi. Fortunately, the hotel in Ploenchit has a private area for those who want to access the internet. After you have checked your emails and social media messages, you can enjoy the spa to make you feel good or the fitness centre for your daily exercise regimen.

The hospitality industry is gradually embracing technology and soon enough guests will experience a hotel room that adjusts to their preferences. Technology can also come in the form of virtual reality headsets to replace the traditional hotel brochures.

A prototype of the hotel for the future was displayed at Madrid’s Fitur tourism fair. There are no receptionists because customers can check-in through a mirror equipped with facial recognition. As soon as the guest is identified, the room will immediately adjust to satisfy the demands made during reservation which can include temperature, lighting or a Picasso or Van Gogh on the wall’s digital frames.

Some hotels already offer the experiences but on a more basic level. Meanwhile, a room prototype that was displayed by Altran, a French technology consultancy using cutting edge speech recognition technology to allow a guest to order pizza in 40 different languages.

According to Carlos Mendez, head of innovation at Altran, even the locks used are intelligent because they can open and close through WhatsApp application on the guest’s phone. Even the mattress was installed with sensors to record sleeping movements so that hotel staff can immediately offer coffee once the guest wakes up.

Artificial intelligence allows hotels to know their customers more from the personal data provided during reservation. AI algorithms will determine the habits of the guest so that he can be provided with a tailor-made experience like a special room menu with a bottle of champagne.

Artificial intelligence is not yet being applied in the hotel in Ploenchit but you can expect fast and friendly service from your arrival to departure. Your complete comfort and convenience is the priority of the hotel so that you will enjoy a pleasurable and memorable hotel stay in Bangkok.

How To Generate Personalised Word Art Online

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You can surely buy a ready-made and framed word art online or from your local shops but a Personalised Word Art with your own words or preferred text, you will be more inspired or it will be appreciated more by your recipient. Customised word art offers a personal touch which would seem like you were part of the entire project.

To create a personalised word art, look for an art shop that offers the service. You can find a number of service providers online or might also want to check from your local art shops for the service. However, doing it online would be more convenient that offline options. When you found an art shop, you can follow the processing steps.

  • Click the “personalised artwork” page then choose a design.
  • If you have already chosen your preferred design, click “design” then “buy”.
  • After that, you will routed to the next page which allows you to apply your preferences. Apply the size andthe design of yourPersonalised Word Art such as if it is centred, stretched, filled and others.You also get to choose if the project will be on landscape or portrait, your chosen frame and its colour, background colour and also the word colour.
  • The next step is to apply the text. You will find a text box where you will type in the text. You also have to apply the font and its size. If you want to include an image on the word art, you can also upload one. You can also add notes if there are special instructions or details that you want to be included on the project.
  • Click your chosen quantity for the order.
  • Add to cart. You will be routed to the last step where you will supply your address and the payment details.
  • Click “place your order”.

In 2-3 days, you willreceive an emailed proof of the Personalised Word Art. This will allow you to apply further changes on the project such as adding or removal of texts and other modifications, if there are. Otherwise, you can give the art shop the go signal to print the project. The word art will be delivered in 14 days, at most.

Benefits Of Time Attendance Software

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An automated time keeping system offers more benefits to the HR unit, the employees and the entire organization itself. This is the reason why, you will find advanced companies to utilize time attendance software to properly monitor their employee behaviour in relation to attendance, tardiness and overall performance. Here are some additional reasons why keeping an automated time keeping software is of paramount importance to an organization.

Unmistakable reliability

Automated time keeping software offers accurate data from employees with regards to their time-in and time-out. Even when they are on the field, they can still log in and punch their official attendance by logging in to a secure web browser or through a mobile device. Office attendance can also be verified through a biometric time clock allowing the organization to accurately record attendance for salary and deductions purposes. With automated time attendance software, the system will collate information and data gathered HR’s consumption.

Improved productivity

Manual time keeping means the employees would have to punch in their time in and time out on a daily time record. This act alone can already take a few minutes of the employees’ time and because they are done manually, employees can input whatever time details they want to. Employees can make it appear like they have been in the office an hour earlier or file for overtime when they have actually left the office early. They can also ask a colleague to punch their DTR for them in their behalf which is impossible to do with biometric time clock. Aside from that, it will take up much of HR’s time to collate all the employee’s time records in a timely and accurate manner.

Better service delivery

One of the positive effects of having time attendance softwareis better and faster delivery of service by the HR unit to the entire organization.  With reliable software, there is no room for salary delays and salary disputes because the system will generate all the information and all the HR has to do is collate the data and deliver the services expected from them.


An SEO Company Case Study: Strategies That Work

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If you are engaged in online marketing, surely you understand how a good ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) can augment web traffic and increase brand awareness among your prospects. However, online marketing shifts trends easily and what may be applicable the other day may no longer be effective today. Thus, to get ahead among other entrants, it is important to check on various resources such as An SEO Company Case Study to stay relevant and a viable entrant in your niche. Here’s how:
1. Provide quality content. Come up with fresh, reliable, relevant and well-researched web content that your targets can follow. Use and analyze your keywords in order to effectively guide your prospective audiences to your site. You can find websites that offer free keyword analysis for an effective web content.
2. Check upcoming trends. In order for you to stay ahead, form your competitors, conduct a research for upcoming trends and happenings that will pique the interest of your targets. Be the first to provide fresh information and you can be sure your customers will see your site as a reliable source for the hottest ideas. Part of An SEO Company Case Study suggests that you should not wait for things to develop and merely join the bandwagon. You should be at the top to gain a better position in the market along with getting a higher rank at the search engine results page or SERP.
3. Explore different media formats. To make your brand highly searchable, check on other media formats that you can use. You can utilize images, imbed videos and audio, you can also use ads, podcasts, memes, micro graphics, infographics, ebooks, e-newletters and other media sources. This way, no matter what format your prospects will use, you can still reach them and have your brand promoted.
4. Strong social media presence. According to An SEO Company Case Study, almost every consumer has their own social media account from different sites. Consumers regularly spend time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other related sites. Place your brand where your targets spend their spare time at and you can be sure your brand will be noticed.