Benefits Of Time Attendance Software

Posted on 06/05/2017 in Software by

An automated time keeping system offers more benefits to the HR unit, the employees and the entire organization itself. This is the reason why, you will find advanced companies to utilize time attendance software to properly monitor their employee behaviour in relation to attendance, tardiness and overall performance. Here are some additional reasons why keeping an automated time keeping software is of paramount importance to an organization.

Unmistakable reliability

Automated time keeping software offers accurate data from employees with regards to their time-in and time-out. Even when they are on the field, they can still log in and punch their official attendance by logging in to a secure web browser or through a mobile device. Office attendance can also be verified through a biometric time clock allowing the organization to accurately record attendance for salary and deductions purposes. With automated time attendance software, the system will collate information and data gathered HR’s consumption.

Improved productivity

Manual time keeping means the employees would have to punch in their time in and time out on a daily time record. This act alone can already take a few minutes of the employees’ time and because they are done manually, employees can input whatever time details they want to. Employees can make it appear like they have been in the office an hour earlier or file for overtime when they have actually left the office early. They can also ask a colleague to punch their DTR for them in their behalf which is impossible to do with biometric time clock. Aside from that, it will take up much of HR’s time to collate all the employee’s time records in a timely and accurate manner.

Better service delivery

One of the positive effects of having time attendance softwareis better and faster delivery of service by the HR unit to the entire organization.  With reliable software, there is no room for salary delays and salary disputes because the system will generate all the information and all the HR has to do is collate the data and deliver the services expected from them.