Building Homes In Tough Locations

Posted on 05/09/2015 in Business by

A builder religiously creates homes and commercial spaces in order to rake in money. With the increase of demand for building residential areas, there is also an increase in the number of contractors or builders participating in the business. The competition is stiff. Therefore, every builder needs to step up his game. Builders build one of a kind homes situated in tough locations usually in steep slopes and some at the edge of a cliff. Having built a home in these impossible locations adds laurels to their portfolio.

Building homes in tough sites requires a lot of preparation. The architect and engineer have to undergo a very critical process of preparing the area and thinking through how to get the job perfectly done. In this article, a custom builder shares his experience on how he overcomes building homes in a very daunting site.

A very tough site to build on

In Park City, Utah lies a very tough site to build. Lots located at the Summit Park are very steep and demanding. However, the challenge did not stop architect Chris Price from designing and constructing his residence in the breath taking location. The site is a 10 by 120 foot rectangular lot. According to the different records in the county, the place was unbuildable.

Chris Price said that it took them a couple of weeks to get the deed. The property was very intimidating which had 45 degrees slopes. However, this did not deter the young architect from building his house in the impossible location.

With the help of excavators, a 30 foot cut was made on the hillside. The architect built a retaining wall in order to hold the loose soil on the hill. Chris Price, a 27 year old LEED professional thoughtfully applies Passive House principles when building his home in the hillside. In order to build a safe home for his family, he asked the help of an energy modeler. The critical elements in the house are the ventilation and framing.

The part of the house facing southeast is nicknamed the Summit Haus. This area of the house takes advantage of the panoramic view in the area.