Guide In Increasing A Website’s Traffic

Posted on 05/22/2017 in Business, Design, Lifestyle, Tips by

Any company including an insurance agency requires a professional website nowadays. It is a basic requirement in this digital age in order to stay in the loop with other businesses. There are a lot of service providers that promises the perfect website but many do not deliver the desired result when it comes to an increase website traffic which affects conversions directly. A website must have a lot of traffic in order for conversion to happen in the form of phone calls and emails which will finally result to sales.

If you are not happy with the current conversion rate of your insurance agency website, here is a guide you can follow to further improve your landing page.

  • Responsive design. This means that the platform used for the website should be user-friendly and is able to adapt with various devices. A professional looking website will be deemed useless if it is not responsive. Users who are accessing through their mobile devices might not have a pleasant experience and many might have skip doing business with your company because of this very reason.
  • SEO and CRO. SEO is one of the most basic components when it comes to online marketing. If the site uses SEO, it will be able to reach natural rankings, higher online visibility and a considerable increase in website traffic will also be evident. Along with SEO, CRO plays a very important role in converting website traffic into sales – this is how your business will thrive.
  • Content is king. This is very important nowadays because consumers are now smarter than ever. The content of a specific web site will directly impact the traffic as well as the rate of conversion. A good content does not promise anything when it comes to conversion but users will be able to easily associate the brand name with the content they produce.
  • User experience. This should be the number one priority when creating a website. Devote some time into knowing your users and achieve a higher ranking in search engine results to see increase website traffic.