How Hidden Door Helps You Choose The Right Team building Event For Your Group

Posted on 07/04/2018 in Design, Team building, Tips by

The company Hidden Door can provide you a teambuilding activity that most employees will want to try as it molds a long-term change in their colleagues’ behaviours and attitudes. Many teambuilding companies often encounter the challenges when they provide cookie-cutter programs to a specific company. Somehow, you need more time to convince people and get them challenged before they start engaging in team building activities.

They usually have many concerns like having the event intended for fun only at a time when the event is happening. This may be true for events like go carting, bowling, basketball or other events which make people enjoy their time together, but never really force people to come out of their shells. Another concern is having the program have no lasting effect on the work environment. However, if you want to get them on the go, consider the following teambuilding events that Hidden Door can provide to target several levels:

  • Modifying the work habits and personal attitudes must be a priority when planning a teambuilding event. You need to choose activities that can create a positive effect on your team, otherwise, it’s just a waste of money and efforts. You need to choose these teambuilding activities carefully so that it can mold a change of behaviour among those participants of the activity.


  • The teambuilding activity should emphasise a team working together as a team. Most of the activities here can possibly turn into a competition and it doesn’t benefit your members as this will focus more on athletic abilities. The main focus should not be about winning or losing, but working together as a team to overcome the challenges set before them.


  • Every team member must be involved in such activities. There are so many events that Hidden Door can provide to mold the weaker or slower participants to participate in teambuilding activities. If you do this, there will be less people watching on the sidelines and caring whoever wins the event.

Hidden Door designs teambuilding activities that get every member of a team involved during the whole time of the event. So consider these three suggestions whenever you need a teambuilding event that is just perfect for the whole group.