How Important Is Color In Website And Packaging Design?

Posted on 06/01/2016 in Design by

Choosing the right color combination is one of the more important aspects of website design because it can generate either acceptance or rejection from the target audience. According to psychologists, people are susceptible to color to a certain degree and the right color choice can generate a positive impact from viewer. If the visitor appreciates what is seen on the website, it is very likely that he will stay longer to view the other pages until he eventually takes action.

Similarly, the right choice of color also plays a very big role in packaging design because it can translate into different emotions. Color preferences in website design have changed through the years and so with packaging design. In the past decades, pink was predominantly used for girls while blue was the most obvious choice for boys. This is significantly true particularly when packaging personal care products but with age and maturity, color choices have certainly evolved. Now, there is a wide spectrum of colors that appeal particularly to different sexes.

One of the safest colors that designers often use is black especially for premium products. In website design, black is predominantly used for photography and art sites. It is important though to consider that each and every product is unique and consumers should be encouraged to look beyond color. On the other hand, red is considered as an attractive and powerful color that can gain a positive impression for products that are meant for children. Red can invoke emotion that is why it is the color predominantly used to induce a visitor to take action.

When choosing color combination for website or packaging design, the use of too many colors must be avoided. Simplicity can make a big statement which means that the use of colors should be kept to a minimum. Whatever your choices, make sure not to use a rainbow of colors in your design.

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