How To Generate Personalised Word Art Online

Posted on 01/20/2018 in Design by

You can surely buy a ready-made and framed word art online or from your local shops but a Personalised Word Art with your own words or preferred text, you will be more inspired or it will be appreciated more by your recipient. Customised word art offers a personal touch which would seem like you were part of the entire project.

To create a personalised word art, look for an art shop that offers the service. You can find a number of service providers online or might also want to check from your local art shops for the service. However, doing it online would be more convenient that offline options. When you found an art shop, you can follow the processing steps.

  • Click the “personalised artwork” page then choose a design.
  • If you have already chosen your preferred design, click “design” then “buy”.
  • After that, you will routed to the next page which allows you to apply your preferences. Apply the size andthe design of yourPersonalised Word Art such as if it is centred, stretched, filled and others.You also get to choose if the project will be on landscape or portrait, your chosen frame and its colour, background colour and also the word colour.
  • The next step is to apply the text. You will find a text box where you will type in the text. You also have to apply the font and its size. If you want to include an image on the word art, you can also upload one. You can also add notes if there are special instructions or details that you want to be included on the project.
  • Click your chosen quantity for the order.
  • Add to cart. You will be routed to the last step where you will supply your address and the payment details.
  • Click “place your order”.

In 2-3 days, you willreceive an emailed proof of the Personalised Word Art. This will allow you to apply further changes on the project such as adding or removal of texts and other modifications, if there are. Otherwise, you can give the art shop the go signal to print the project. The word art will be delivered in 14 days, at most.