How To Improve Your Web Design

Posted on 01/19/2015 in Design by

Ever wonder how other websites look fabulous and trendy? Get updated and know these simple tips to improve your web design.

Create a professional logo

You have a brand to sell. Create a logo for your website or company. This way, people will recognize you through your distinct logo. It serves as your identity in the world of electronic commerce. The logo that you created should also be linked to your website’s home page. This way, the readers will be brought back to the main page should they wander off to other pages of your website.

Use witty navigation bars or tools

Think outside the box. Use your imagination and ignite your creativity. Your navigation tools should be intuitive. Readers will get the idea that the website is created by smart, professional people. Create something that would spark your audience to click on that button. Still, keep in mind not to overcomplicate things.

Avoid untidiness

It is a nightmare when your website is in a clutter. People visiting your website will get that negative vibe and chances are, they would close your website and proceed browsing through other sites. It is like getting in a house that is so messy. You would not want to stay long there.

Make use of good color schemes

Do you have a nice palate for colors? If you do, then this is a no brainer for you. However, if your ability to match colors is poor, you better ask help from your friend. This is important. You don’t want to create that negative first impression from your visitors by giving them a headache with your super bright colors.

Good photography is a good investment

People are visual beings. What their eyes behold, they critique with it and are drawn or pushed away from it. Place first class pictures in your website.

Make use of call to action buttons

This is an interesting add on to your website. Using the call to action buttons make you earn more. These buttons immediately guide your customers to take action. That is, to buy a product, respond to your survey or download your application.