How To Manage Images On Your Website

Posted on 04/13/2017 in Marketing, SEO by

Images nowadays can be easily created and embedded into a website. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why there are websites that are loaded with them. The internet is full of good examples on how one will be able to make use of images considering the points of view but majority of these websites does not show positive examples. This is not a factor that could make or break a website but the chances of selling something might be affected with how images are used especially if you have call-to-action features on your site or if you desire to present a great reading flow for the visitors.

It is important for designers to know how images should be handled. The use of images tackles the details rather than the principle of how a website is built – a thing that designers should understand in order to be applied in actual work.

According to webpage usability expert, Jakob Nielsen, his entire company conducted a study regarding eye tracking and they published an article entitled Photos as Web Content. The design industry was amazed by the result of the study and this answers a lot of questions for design experts who does not have concrete studies before. He said that users are giving a lot of attention to photos as well as images that are relevant to the website but they do not pay attention to pictures utilized only to fill up a website.

It is a fact that users want to view photos on a website but it has to be relevant to the content. Between a website that does not have any images and a fully cluttered one but with irrelevant content, the user will easily go for the former. According to the study conducted, there are key ideas that should be kept in mind when incorporating images such as map illustrations into a website.

  • Consider the fundamentals of the image such as the size, exposure, quality and composition.
  • An effective image should have emotional, rational and brand appeal.
  • The image should transmit the appropriate message to the visitors.
  • The image should be able to help sell the site to the users.