HTML5 Website Templates For Realtors And Real Estate Companies

Posted on 01/24/2017 in Business by

People have that stereotypical image of an ideal realtor, groomed and perfectly dressed, with the manners to match it. Realtors can’t afford to be otherwise, especially when trying to settle people to their next home. This professionalism and conduct should also outlive the move towards the digital format.

Nothing limits a style and design of a realtor’s site or page. However, they need to ensure that quality is visible. With basic understanding regarding web development, any user is able to build a site with the use of HTML templates. These act similar to enhancement kits, which promise to upgrade the aesthetic design and functionality of any real estate website. Additionally, most templates cost cheap. With this, here are two HTML5 website templates for realtors and real estate companies, in general.


Zoner is a magnificent HTML template for any real estate website. It offers a design which doesn’t fail to impress prospective clients. Zoner has Google Map and OpenStreetMap integration, which make it simple for clients to look for future homes. This template provides Parallax scrolling function, and the Parallax effects are incorporable to the site map.

Even though it is not mandatory, it is a great idea to also have a blogging function. The sections include masonry effects, with fonts being interchangeable. Regardless of taste, a great page can be created. Each ad or post on the site can be shown on high resolution Retina screens and almost all web browsers. Additionally, it has a responsive layout. The resizing errors are entirely removed, given that Zoner is accessible in desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The template also has greater than 30 unique pages, and 3 homepage and header variations. In addition, the property type icons are added.


Spotter is an excellent HTML template which showcases OpenMapSupport. In sum, there are greater than 40 providers of OpenStreetMap, so choice is never an issue. Spotter has a lot of helpful options, each fitted to boost chances of success. As an example, a location search is able to benefit from Geolocation and Autocomplete. This enhances utility to improve a client’s navigation experience. There is also the JSON Map Markers, and a view function for the page items. The website is going to incorporate right to left writing support for languages like Japanese, Arabic or Hebrew.

Spotter also permits its users to setup simple keyboard commands and shortcuts. Additionally, there are numerous home page variations that serve a particular niche. There are also Awesome Icons and the special map icons. The layout is responsive, with no resizing errors.

Summing up

These two HTML5 website templates are going to be especially helpful for realtors and real estate companies, regardless if they are offering Pattaya condo for sale or New York City apartments.