Important Elements That Website Design Can’t Do Without

Posted on 07/27/2016 in Advice, Content Advise by

Website designers have different creative plans when it comes to building a website but there are common elements that every website should include so that it can used with ease and efficiency. Since the goal of every website is create an online impression, it is very important to use several tools to make the site simple and user-friendly.

1. Simple navigation makes a website easy to identify and use. Items in the navigational menus should be kept to a minimum so that users will not be overwhelmed. Users are more likely to interact longer with a site when navigation is consistent in giving directions.

2. Space is very important in web design because it dictates everything from flow to readability. When you want to create a focal point for the user, make sure that the image or text is surrounded by white space to look larger and easily readable. Space is not always white; it can refer to lack of elements or a background color or texture.

3. “About us” page tells users who are you are and what the site is about. If you think users do not click on the “About us” button on the navigation menu, you are wrong. Users are interested to know more information which means keeping the page simple and concise.

4. Contact information can appear on the header or in the main navigation menu; both options work well depending on design. You can also create a Contact us page with expanded information to add legitimacy to the site.

5. Call to action is the gateway to make a sale, to generate a lead or to gather contact information. Use the right tools like color, contrast and space so that users will click on the call to action button. A signup form in proper size can be displayed prominently so that it can be quickly filled out.

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