Important Elements To Consider In Web Design

Posted on 07/29/2016 in Advice, Design by

Having a web site for a product or service is an important investment for any business. A web site is a means to showcase the products and services being sold and offered by any business. There are countless reasons to approach a professional in web site design. These experts know the field all too well. They know what works and what does not. They have a lot of experience in building web sites that meet the needs of businesses. Even though most of the business owners are inexperienced and not technically knowledgeable of the runs of web sites, it is still best to be well-acquainted with what works.

Before a business owner approaches a Perth web designer for services, it is extremely helpful for them to have a clear vision of how their web site should look upon completion. Research should be done to know the elements that need to be taken into account when having a web site designed. This way the business owner and the designer are in agreement to what needs to be achieved.

Of course, functionality is part of any web site design. The pages should load, and the images should be displayed and aligned correctly. Nowadays, it is also important for sites to be responsive, and that they can be displayed in browsers of computers and smaller devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Aside from functionality, there are also these elements to consider.

Navigation should be simple enough for a user to understand. The web site should add information about where the user is on the site or the page. There should also be links to go back to the home page and other links to get to other pages in the site.

In relation to navigation, spacing should also be considered. The web site should not look cramped. Sections should be well organized through proper spacing.

An About Us page should be added. This page can contain a short description of what the business is and what is does. It can contain the history of the business, testimonials and other stories. This page should be unique. Adding a photo gallery might be helpful.

A Contact Us page should be added. This is a way for users to contact the business. A contact form, phone numbers, a location map and operating days or hours should be added. It is also helpful to add contact information on all the pages placing it in the footers.

A Search capability should also be added. The concept is simple here. It allows users to get to the information right away. A search box can be added anywhere in the page but is usually in the top right.

Aside from these, there are also other elements that are important like adding a sign up section, informational footers, unique buttons, great images and using good fonts.

These elements can really make a web site stand out. Make sure the Perth web designer applies them.