Benefits Of Time Attendance Software

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An automated time keeping system offers more benefits to the HR unit, the employees and the entire organization itself. This is the reason why, you will find advanced companies to utilize time attendance software to properly monitor their employee behaviour in relation to attendance, tardiness and overall performance. Here are some additional reasons why keeping an automated time keeping software is of paramount importance to an organization.

Unmistakable reliability

Automated time keeping software offers accurate data from employees with regards to their time-in and time-out. Even when they are on the field, they can still log in and punch their official attendance by logging in to a secure web browser or through a mobile device. Office attendance can also be verified through a biometric time clock allowing the organization to accurately record attendance for salary and deductions purposes. With automated time attendance software, the system will collate information and data gathered HR’s consumption.

Improved productivity

Manual time keeping means the employees would have to punch in their time in and time out on a daily time record. This act alone can already take a few minutes of the employees’ time and because they are done manually, employees can input whatever time details they want to. Employees can make it appear like they have been in the office an hour earlier or file for overtime when they have actually left the office early. They can also ask a colleague to punch their DTR for them in their behalf which is impossible to do with biometric time clock. Aside from that, it will take up much of HR’s time to collate all the employee’s time records in a timely and accurate manner.

Better service delivery

One of the positive effects of having time attendance softwareis better and faster delivery of service by the HR unit to the entire organization.  With reliable software, there is no room for salary delays and salary disputes because the system will generate all the information and all the HR has to do is collate the data and deliver the services expected from them.


An SEO Company Case Study: Strategies That Work

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If you are engaged in online marketing, surely you understand how a good ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) can augment web traffic and increase brand awareness among your prospects. However, online marketing shifts trends easily and what may be applicable the other day may no longer be effective today. Thus, to get ahead among other entrants, it is important to check on various resources such as An SEO Company Case Study to stay relevant and a viable entrant in your niche. Here’s how:
1. Provide quality content. Come up with fresh, reliable, relevant and well-researched web content that your targets can follow. Use and analyze your keywords in order to effectively guide your prospective audiences to your site. You can find websites that offer free keyword analysis for an effective web content.
2. Check upcoming trends. In order for you to stay ahead, form your competitors, conduct a research for upcoming trends and happenings that will pique the interest of your targets. Be the first to provide fresh information and you can be sure your customers will see your site as a reliable source for the hottest ideas. Part of An SEO Company Case Study suggests that you should not wait for things to develop and merely join the bandwagon. You should be at the top to gain a better position in the market along with getting a higher rank at the search engine results page or SERP.
3. Explore different media formats. To make your brand highly searchable, check on other media formats that you can use. You can utilize images, imbed videos and audio, you can also use ads, podcasts, memes, micro graphics, infographics, ebooks, e-newletters and other media sources. This way, no matter what format your prospects will use, you can still reach them and have your brand promoted.
4. Strong social media presence. According to An SEO Company Case Study, almost every consumer has their own social media account from different sites. Consumers regularly spend time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other related sites. Place your brand where your targets spend their spare time at and you can be sure your brand will be noticed.

Guide In Increasing A Website’s Traffic

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Any company including an insurance agency requires a professional website nowadays. It is a basic requirement in this digital age in order to stay in the loop with other businesses. There are a lot of service providers that promises the perfect website but many do not deliver the desired result when it comes to an increase website traffic which affects conversions directly. A website must have a lot of traffic in order for conversion to happen in the form of phone calls and emails which will finally result to sales.

If you are not happy with the current conversion rate of your insurance agency website, here is a guide you can follow to further improve your landing page.

  • Responsive design. This means that the platform used for the website should be user-friendly and is able to adapt with various devices. A professional looking website will be deemed useless if it is not responsive. Users who are accessing through their mobile devices might not have a pleasant experience and many might have skip doing business with your company because of this very reason.
  • SEO and CRO. SEO is one of the most basic components when it comes to online marketing. If the site uses SEO, it will be able to reach natural rankings, higher online visibility and a considerable increase in website traffic will also be evident. Along with SEO, CRO plays a very important role in converting website traffic into sales – this is how your business will thrive.
  • Content is king. This is very important nowadays because consumers are now smarter than ever. The content of a specific web site will directly impact the traffic as well as the rate of conversion. A good content does not promise anything when it comes to conversion but users will be able to easily associate the brand name with the content they produce.
  • User experience. This should be the number one priority when creating a website. Devote some time into knowing your users and achieve a higher ranking in search engine results to see increase website traffic.

3 Advantages Of Healthcare IT Solutions

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Maintaining the operations of a health or medical organization can be complicated. Aside from the management of employee aspect, you are also expected to provide quality healthcare to patients. With everything that needs to be managed, managers utilize healthcare it solutions for better service delivery and better organization within the healthcare institution’s systems. IT services in the healthcare department provides for better managing of records. In turn, it allows for faster and more efficient service delivery which is also cost-effective. Apart from the mentioned benefits, here are additional advantages of having an IT service within a health organization’s system.

Efficient data storage

Maintaining countless folders of patient history and medical records would require physical space and would require regular maintenance to prevent it from decay. The good thing about advance storage systems is that medical records and files are stored online allowing them to be accessed anytime and anywhere. This is highly beneficial to patients who need to be managed by different specialists. Cloud technology allows physicians to put their notes on the database for other doctors who are managing the patient to check or refer for medical information and history. This includes thedrugs being administered and other patient information. Data stored using healthcare it solutions are placed in a safe, hack-freeonline environment that can be accessed any time. The data are also free from risks of damage such as during fire or cyclones.

Easy access to patient information

Because all the information relevant to the patient’s medical history is store online, even the patient can access the data so he can also help in managing himself. Cloud storage allows the patient to better understand his medical condition including ways to prevent the condition from recurring or worsening. In cases of procedural medical intervention, the patient can easily prepare for the procedure and manage himself after the operation.

Encourage employee efficiency

With a better system and data structure using healthcare it solutions, your employees and health practitioners can better manage your clients and perform their jobs better since they can easily coordinate with their colleagues for a more efficient delivery of service.

Spring As The Best Time Of The Year To Revitalize Website Design

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It is the season for spring cleaning. It is also the best time to revitalize website design. You can overhaul the layout in its entirety or you can make minimal but effective improvements. You certainly do not need to create a new website; a new and improved look and feel will do to enhance your online presence. How will go about it?

Add new images

It makes sense for a business offering large canvas prints to utilize some new images because it can make a big difference in the website makeover. Remove the old images of large canvas prints and replace them with new visual material to achieve a new look. Think of new styles that will complement the brand or better yet, ask your followers on social media if they have images of large canvas prints purchased from your store that they are now using to enhance the aesthetics of their home.

Freshen up the SEO

When you energize the site’s content and SEO it will certainly improve the website’s ranking in the search engine results. When you update the site’s design it is a signal to search engines that your site is active and vibrant and not a dormant web page. Aside from tweaking the site’s SEO, you can add new texts, check incorrect links, optimize the descriptions of images or list the website URL in directories to improve search results.

Highlight the best and the latest

Visitors will not notice that there have been changes to website design not unless you highlight the images of your products, blogs and features. For example, you can create a slideshow of your latest large canvas prints in a visually striking manner in order to gain the visitor’s attention before they proceed to explore the site.

Fine tune the product options

There a numerous ways to present the same product. It is in the details. Add different versions of colors, sizes, materials and more. While you are fine-tuning the product options, update website content to complement the new design. Switch your font scheme to give the site design a facelift. If you feel that website design is too static, add a dynamic touch.

Risks Of Not Using Oxagile’s Web App Development

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Web-based applications are continuing to be in demand despite the rapid growth of mobile applications, not to mention, the almost-monthly releases of new smartphones. But in terms of efficiency and better functionality, nothing beats using web-based applications especially if those are made by Oxagile’s web application development crew. You see, trusting your needs in terms of your web-based applications that you are going to use for your business to a company such as Oxagile is a good choice because for example, a professionals  can provide continuous support even upon the completion and turnover of the finished product. Your web-based application can also stay updated with the latest technology and design used by majority of the web application developers in the world today. In addition to this, you will be able to gain and sustain your competitive edge over your competitors because of the efficiency and reliability of your applications.

Now, employing just any web development company aside from Oxagile’s web app development can be problematic because there’s a high probability that you will encounter serious issues in your applications.

To help you stay warned, below are the possible issues you will face if you leave the source code of your application to the hands to companies aside from Oxagile:

  • Amateur web app developers have the tendency to become excited at the start of the project only to get bored two months later. Eventually, these developers will abandon the project, leaving the reputation of your application hanging in the air. This is common when hiring freelance developers.
  • Coding skills of an unexperienced developer or a company can be sloppy and this can affect the overall quality and functionality of the completed application. Worst case scenario, the application will be unfixable and you will not be able to complete the application.
  • If you hire an unexperienced company to develop a web-based application instead of leaving it to the hands of companies such as Oxagile, the security of the entire application is at risk. This can be a big problem especially if the application stores personal information of clients who avail services of the business that owns that application.

How To Manage Images On Your Website

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Images nowadays can be easily created and embedded into a website. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why there are websites that are loaded with them. The internet is full of good examples on how one will be able to make use of images considering the points of view but majority of these websites does not show positive examples. This is not a factor that could make or break a website but the chances of selling something might be affected with how images are used especially if you have call-to-action features on your site or if you desire to present a great reading flow for the visitors.

It is important for designers to know how images should be handled. The use of images tackles the details rather than the principle of how a website is built – a thing that designers should understand in order to be applied in actual work.

According to webpage usability expert, Jakob Nielsen, his entire company conducted a study regarding eye tracking and they published an article entitled Photos as Web Content. The design industry was amazed by the result of the study and this answers a lot of questions for design experts who does not have concrete studies before. He said that users are giving a lot of attention to photos as well as images that are relevant to the website but they do not pay attention to pictures utilized only to fill up a website.

It is a fact that users want to view photos on a website but it has to be relevant to the content. Between a website that does not have any images and a fully cluttered one but with irrelevant content, the user will easily go for the former. According to the study conducted, there are key ideas that should be kept in mind when incorporating images such as map illustrations into a website.

  • Consider the fundamentals of the image such as the size, exposure, quality and composition.
  • An effective image should have emotional, rational and brand appeal.
  • The image should transmit the appropriate message to the visitors.
  • The image should be able to help sell the site to the users.