What To Look For When Hiring A Professional Web Design Company

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It is always necessary to make the right choices in life so that you could be free from any regret that might stem out of failure. The same goes in web design. If you own a business and wish to expand your horizons, then you can build a website and take your business into the online world. Creating a website is no easy thing. You would have to make all the right choices most especially in terms of the web design before your website could be launched.

The best possible way for you to effectively build and design a website is to hire someone to do it for you. There are many companies with highly skilled professionals who specialize in the development and designing of websites and because there is an abundance of these types of companies, you would have to be very careful when hiring one.

You should always look for the best and to do so, would require you to conduct a good research on various companies. The highly qualified ones are those with the qualities listed below.

1. A Good Portfolio – great companies always have an attractive portfolio that can woo customers in making business with them. The portfolio can be considered as the face of the company and in it lies all of their successful works.

2. Number of Successful Projects – the best companies will not hide the total number of successful projects they had conducted prior to working with you. The number of successful projects is the determining factor for experience and quality. If a company has 50 or more successful projects, then it is very likely that the company is known to provide high quality service to their clients. Also learn how many projects they have done which are similar to yours. If there about 5 or more, then you should consider hiring the company.

3. Realistic Offers – do not be swayed by companies who offer you deals that are too good to be true. You need web designers and not miracle workers. Instead, you should look for those who offer realistic services. Companies who offer true-to-life deals are mostly the ones who have had great experience and with a vast network of loyal clients. Their services are often the best.

4. A Great Looking Yet Easy Website – Companies should have a company website. You can base your choices on the way they had designed and developed their website. Looking into their website is like looking into what could be yours.

How To Improve Your Web Design

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Ever wonder how other websites look fabulous and trendy? Get updated and know these simple tips to improve your web design.

Create a professional logo

You have a brand to sell. Create a logo for your website or company. This way, people will recognize you through your distinct logo. It serves as your identity in the world of electronic commerce. The logo that you created should also be linked to your website’s home page. This way, the readers will be brought back to the main page should they wander off to other pages of your website.

Use witty navigation bars or tools

Think outside the box. Use your imagination and ignite your creativity. Your navigation tools should be intuitive. Readers will get the idea that the website is created by smart, professional people. Create something that would spark your audience to click on that button. Still, keep in mind not to overcomplicate things.

Avoid untidiness

It is a nightmare when your website is in a clutter. People visiting your website will get that negative vibe and chances are, they would close your website and proceed browsing through other sites. It is like getting in a house that is so messy. You would not want to stay long there.

Make use of good color schemes

Do you have a nice palate for colors? If you do, then this is a no brainer for you. However, if your ability to match colors is poor, you better ask help from your friend. This is important. You don’t want to create that negative first impression from your visitors by giving them a headache with your super bright colors.

Good photography is a good investment

People are visual beings. What their eyes behold, they critique with it and are drawn or pushed away from it. Place first class pictures in your website.

Make use of call to action buttons

This is an interesting add on to your website. Using the call to action buttons make you earn more. These buttons immediately guide your customers to take action. That is, to buy a product, respond to your survey or download your application.

Trends In Website Design

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It is now 2015. Another year has come. The trends of 2014 are way behind us. What would we expect this new year? What would the trends be this 2015?

This 2015, here are some website trends that you might want to check out:

The rise of Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are naked buttons. They are flat, usually rectangular in shape and are bordered by lines. A simple text is printed across it. The term ghost was given due to the fact that these buttons are hollow or transparent. Last year, ghost buttons were already used by some websites. It is projected that by this year, this button will be everywhere and a more improved ghost button will be available on the net.

Cooler typography

Before, creating large stylish text on your website was expensive. People with minimal budget on their pocket could not ride in the fun of having trendy typography in their website. Today however, there are now free fonts provided in the internet. You could even avail of a wide array of topography by paying a small sum of money.

Aesthetically appealing, large background graphics

This year, website designers will put in bigger, more beautiful background photography in their websites. This trend will let loose the artistic side of you. This is also a good avenue to market the product of your website. For example, if your website’s main goal is to promote your tutorial services, you could find images of a tutor teaching his student. You could also take the picture yourself and have your friends pose as the teacher and the student. This way, you could direct the poses of your actors to your liking.

Scrolling is in

As the demand of web mobiles continues to surge high, scrolling is preferred over clicking. This feature for most phone and laptops is very helpful. Scrolling is easier to do than finding that tiny button and clicking it.

Continuous improvement of flat design

In the last two years, flat designs were already used by some website. This year, flat designs are here to stay. Improvements are announced by giants such as the Google. Just watch and see the reinventing of flat designs.

Web Designing And Packaging Ideas

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One of the market strategies employed by business savvy people is creating a good packaging for their products. Packaging refers to the careful designing and production of packages of a certain product. This is not only for visual enticement of the buyers but at the same time, having the right packaging also increases the shelf life of a product.

Where to get packaging ideas?

You can go online and search for packaging tips and ideas. If you are planning an event and would want to give away tokens but would want these be wrapped in a unique fashion, you can contact online retail shops. You can search their website and add to your shopping list that basket, cellophane wrap, wine bag or burlap bag that you wish to buy.

Online Marketing

Take for instance Papermart.com, it is a website that offers the public with wide array of choices on how to package different products. If you visit their website, you will notice that they designed it in a way that at your first glance at their website, you will immediately know what they are selling. On their homepage, you will notice navigating buttons perfectly suited for the services that they offer. The buttons are simple to use, so you won’t have a hard time going around the site.

Getting the right design for your website

When you design a website, make sure that it is user friendly. Always bear in mind that people’s time is precious. When they do not understand how to get around your website, they will likely move on to another vendor.

With Papermart.com, you will notice that a logo is displayed on the home page. This ensures the online surfer that he is on the right page. Create your logo in such a way that it is professionally looking and situate it in the right place.

To succeed with getting more customers online, you need to create good content in your website. Emphasize important words or options on your website. How your website looks should also be considered. Use color combinations that are pleasant to the eyes. The letters on your website should also be easy to read.

Improve Your Website’s Design

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If website owners want prospect customers to stay at their website longer and purchase products or acquire services, they need a website that is easy to use and navigate. Follow these techniques to improve any current website. No website is too small or too irrelevant, whether you’re selling homemade accessories or in the business of cleaning out storm drainage, these tips can be applied nonetheless:

1. Create a professional logo for the website and link it to the homepage. The logo’s location inside the webpage is important and could have an impact on the site’s overall look. The best option is to use images for the logo with high resolution, position it in the upper left corner and link it to the homepage for easy navigation.

2. Use simple navigation techniques that most people are acquainted to. Pages should be placed on a horizontal bar at the top part of the page and other links should be put at the sidebar. Anything confusing will make visitors to exit the page rather than waste time figuring the layout. Remember to put important information at the top and anything less important should be at the bottom for less confusion.

3. Make the website clutter-free. Too much images and animated gifs will draw away the customer’s focus from the most important part, the websites content. A human brain usually stops processing information when faced with too many options. Though content are important, website owners should limit the paragraphs length and keep it to 5 or 6 sentences long.

4. Give emphasis to every content and images by putting spaces in between them. It will also give the visitors some breathing room and absorb everything about the website. White space is great to keep their focus on the contents and avoid too much visual competition.

5. Using neutral colors on the website will give off a simple yet elegant look. It is also advisable to use color palettes that match the websites logo so everything looks consistent.

6. Hire professionals to take photographs to be used on the website. Professional looking photographs will also give the customers the impression that the company is professional. Purchase professional stock images which correspond to the websites content. Using images that are not related to the content is far worse than having no images at all.

7. Use fonts that are easy to read. Take into consideration the different devices the website will be viewed on.

Content As The Most Critical Component Of Web Design

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A website has 3 components; graphics and design, content and URL hosting. The number one concern of most web developers is aesthetics because it is what the client requires. However, even if design is important, content is a more critical component of a website. Creating content can be an overwhelming task because the web developer has to sift through all the information that will be provided by the client to determine content that will deliver the best possible results.

Content should be optimized for SEO

The most fabulous website design cannot influence search engines to give your site high rankings in search engine results. Content is the driving force behind SEO because when spiders crawl through your site, what they are seeking for is quality and fresh content. Search engines are hungry for relevant information and this is also the reason why a lot of attention must be invested on keywords. Based on statistics, 44% of internet shoppers use search engines when looking products and services.

Content must make sense

While SEO is a critical factor in the creation of web content, do not forget that humans will be reading content. It is important to create content that is relevant, useful and meaningful to visitors so that they will stay longer on the site. Make sure that content is not over-saturated with keywords that make it unreadable.

Write for your target audience

Who is your target audience? Write content according to the interests of your target audience. For example, writing for a restaurant website should include business hours, menus, images of the restaurants interior and services offered like catering for events. It makes sense to include all the information that your potential customers will be interested in which can include your contact information and location.

Create new content through blogs

Blogs attract visitors and links. 46% of people read blogs several times a day and marketers who make use of blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive returns on investment. According to eMarketer, 40% of US companies made use of blogging for marketing purposes in 2010. This statistics mean that websites must ensure they provide their visitors with something interesting to read which they can share to their friends in link format.

Why Content Is More Important Than Web Design

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Do web users understand that a website has been built in Drupal or whether web design has a 3-pixel or 5-pixel bevel? With the exception of tech geeks and students taking Information Technology, majority of net users do not even know that Drupal exists. Web users are more concerned with content because it provides them the information they are looking for. Web designers and developers often forget about content when they are creating the most aesthetically looking website to catch audience attention.

Types of content

There are essentially two types of content, text and multimedia. Text is easier to accomplish because even those without any technical skills can do blogs that can provide relevant information about the brand. However, blogs must be consistent because web users always expect something new and unique. Finally, content must be written for global audience, not localized because there are language barriers that must be hurdled. According to B2B Content Marketing Benchmark reports 93% of B2B marketers used content marketing in 2014 and 42% considered this strategy as effective.

The other type of content is multi-media that include animation, images, videos and sound. This is the area where the web designer has more freedom to use his creativity and artistry; however, multi-media content requires technical skills because the creation of animation needs Flash, Ajax and other animation tools. Images are more common on websites but they should be optimized so that loading time cannot be compromised. Image reliant websites, such as retail stores need to consider how they’re loading and arranging images, as well as knowing when to put or not to put extra images. Take for example, www.uglychristmassweater.com, the website background is very simple and there are no other images except for their products and logos. This is very effective since their product is already very specific and their images also serves as both brand recognition and design.

Images are not only used to decorate a website, they can make text more interesting. Sound can be embedded in web pages but keep in mind that not all web users have particular fondness for sound. Adding videos is a lot better but it is often challenging to add video that will work effectively with different browsers.

Content is expected to grow bigger in 2015 but businesses need to be willing to invest in mobile content that is more concise and easily readable on mobile devices. Putting more emphasis on mobile content is essential considering its phenomenal growth. Video can be easily be downloaded through mobile gadgets and businesses can use this opportunity to create brand awareness.


Here’s a great little video about creating content for your website