Principles Of An Effective Web Design

Posted on 01/19/2016 in Business, Design, Marketing by

The success or the failure of a website can be attributed to its usability and utility and not certainly on its visual design. Since the visitor of the web page is the one who clicks on the mouse and therefore makes the decision on what to do when in the website, many web developers have created websites which have user-centric designs. Such designs have become a very standard approach for profit-oriented and successful web design.

Principles of effective Designs of Websites

In order to effectively use the principles, one has to understand first how users interact with the websites, how their minds work and what the basic patterns are when it comes to the behavior of users.

How do website users think? Basically, the habits of users on the web are not really different from the habit of customers when inside shopping malls. The visitors first glance at every new page, scan through the text and then click on the link which catches their attention first or something that resembles what they are looking for. In fact, visitors do not look at some part of the web page. The users also appreciate credibility and quality.  If the web page provides the users with content that has high quality, they will be willing to compromise the content along with the advertisements displayed and the design of the website. This is the reason why websites which are not really well designed compared but has high quality content gain more traffic over the years. Content is king when it comes to website design.

Another thing to keep in mind is that users do not read, they scan through the web page. Analyzing a web-page, the users search for some fixed points or for an anchor which will guide them on what the content of the web page is. The web users are impatient and they insist that they be instantly gratified. If the website is not able to meet the expectations of the users, the designer fails to get his job done and the company will lose money. Whether you are creating a website that promotes tulle material or for educational purposes, you have to keep these principles in mind.