Science Explains Common Website Design Mistakes By E-commerce Companies

Posted on 02/25/2018 in Design by

Websites selling products are more likely to sell if the images are high quality but this does not guarantee sales. Customers will still walk away if they do not like the products’ layout on the site. The same goes with website offering marquee hire in Sydney thus layout is an important factor.

If there are too many choices for the customers, if the display is overwhelming or if the product arrangement is not effective, there is a chance that your customers might feel overwhelmed. In this case, bad design could negatively impact your sales.

This guide will share how best products should be displayed within an ecommerce website with the help of the latest marketing research.

The first mistake e-commerce sites commit is to offer an overwhelming amount of choices. In a study conducted by two professors, they used jams as their subject. For the first weekend, they have 24 flavors of jams available for testing while the second weekend they only have 6 flavors available. The result is that 60 per cent decided to taste the jams on the first tasting weekend but only 40 per cent tasted on the second weekend. Looking only at these figures, one might think that having too many options is good but you haven’t heard about the sales yet. Of the 60 per cent, only 3 per cent decided to buy the jam while 30 per cent of the 40 per cent of tasters decided to purchase the jam.

Second common mistake is that they used to rely on visuals alone when presenting their products when in fact not all products are effective with visuals alone. According to a study, there are customers that walk away if there are too many pictures while products with writing are given more consideration. The product description should be good enough to make the customers wonder if the product will be useful for them or not.

The third common mistake has to do with the product alignment. According to a study, customers have different perception when it comes to viewing products horizontally or vertically. When listing party rental equipment such as marquee hire in Sydney in horizontal, customers tend to think that there are more variety to the products while a vertical layout makes them think that the next row is a different category.