Soon Enough, Hotels Will Be Using Artificial Intelligence

Posted on 01/31/2018 in Business by

People today are so dependent on technology that they will not book accommodations in a hotel that does have Wi-Fi. Fortunately, the hotel in Ploenchit has a private area for those who want to access the internet. After you have checked your emails and social media messages, you can enjoy the spa to make you feel good or the fitness centre for your daily exercise regimen.

The hospitality industry is gradually embracing technology and soon enough guests will experience a hotel room that adjusts to their preferences. Technology can also come in the form of virtual reality headsets to replace the traditional hotel brochures.

A prototype of the hotel for the future was displayed at Madrid’s Fitur tourism fair. There are no receptionists because customers can check-in through a mirror equipped with facial recognition. As soon as the guest is identified, the room will immediately adjust to satisfy the demands made during reservation which can include temperature, lighting or a Picasso or Van Gogh on the wall’s digital frames.

Some hotels already offer the experiences but on a more basic level. Meanwhile, a room prototype that was displayed by Altran, a French technology consultancy using cutting edge speech recognition technology to allow a guest to order pizza in 40 different languages.

According to Carlos Mendez, head of innovation at Altran, even the locks used are intelligent because they can open and close through WhatsApp application on the guest’s phone. Even the mattress was installed with sensors to record sleeping movements so that hotel staff can immediately offer coffee once the guest wakes up.

Artificial intelligence allows hotels to know their customers more from the personal data provided during reservation. AI algorithms will determine the habits of the guest so that he can be provided with a tailor-made experience like a special room menu with a bottle of champagne.

Artificial intelligence is not yet being applied in the hotel in Ploenchit but you can expect fast and friendly service from your arrival to departure. Your complete comfort and convenience is the priority of the hotel so that you will enjoy a pleasurable and memorable hotel stay in Bangkok.