Spring As The Best Time Of The Year To Revitalize Website Design

Posted on 05/11/2017 in Web Design by

It is the season for spring cleaning. It is also the best time to revitalize website design. You can overhaul the layout in its entirety or you can make minimal but effective improvements. You certainly do not need to create a new website; a new and improved look and feel will do to enhance your online presence. How will go about it?

Add new images

It makes sense for a business offering large canvas prints to utilize some new images because it can make a big difference in the website makeover. Remove the old images of large canvas prints and replace them with new visual material to achieve a new look. Think of new styles that will complement the brand or better yet, ask your followers on social media if they have images of large canvas prints purchased from your store that they are now using to enhance the aesthetics of their home.

Freshen up the SEO

When you energize the site’s content and SEO it will certainly improve the website’s ranking in the search engine results. When you update the site’s design it is a signal to search engines that your site is active and vibrant and not a dormant web page. Aside from tweaking the site’s SEO, you can add new texts, check incorrect links, optimize the descriptions of images or list the website URL in directories to improve search results.

Highlight the best and the latest

Visitors will not notice that there have been changes to website design not unless you highlight the images of your products, blogs and features. For example, you can create a slideshow of your latest large canvas prints in a visually striking manner in order to gain the visitor’s attention before they proceed to explore the site.

Fine tune the product options

There a numerous ways to present the same product. It is in the details. Add different versions of colors, sizes, materials and more. While you are fine-tuning the product options, update website content to complement the new design. Switch your font scheme to give the site design a facelift. If you feel that website design is too static, add a dynamic touch.