Starting Your Own Small Courier Parcel Business

Posted on 05/11/2018 in Business by

Start a small courier service using a reliable transportation and few equipment. Your business can start with just your own car, SUV or van. You can upgrade later when your business starts to grow. Try to allocate a small room in your house to serve as your office. Then start with a courier parcel to send to inter island or overseas destinations. Ensure you partner with established transportation and shipping services for the delivery of your packages.

Choose whether you want to handle a courier business between residential or business customers or do both. You also need to decide the courier parcel you plan to pick up and deliver, like money or check orders, personal gifts, perishable goods and more. You also need to limit the heaviness of each item to pick up and deliver to meet the requirements of your shipping partners.

Try to know the rates offered by competitors. You can ask a loved one, family member or friends to know how much your competitors charge for their services. The prices should be comparable to your own prices so your business stays competitivewith the others.

Design a website for your small courier service, either done by you or a web designer. This will make customers reach you easily, especially if you have online presence. Disseminate information about your website by including it in business cards, brochures and other advertising materials. A good hosting and SEO service will ensure that your website stands out in famous search engines like Google and Yahoo. You may also use social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote and create connections with local business communities.

To propagate your small business, you need to contact other businesses and tell them about your service.Leave a brochure or business card to the owner or business manager. Emphasise that your small business can handle the courier service far better than larger and established companies. Leave fliers in retail outlets to entice residential consumers. Alsopromote your small business in the Yellow pages and some magazines.

When a client calls, start scheduling pickups and deliveries. Ensure to establish good rapport with your clientele and retain good reputation so they can trust you and tell others about your small courier parcel business.