The Importance Of User Friendly Navigation

Posted on 02/16/2018 in Design by

One of the main goals of website design is to create a great user experience. One of the methods used by web designers to enhance the experience of a visitor is to make navigation user-friendly. The website of business district hotel in Bangkok makes sure that visitors can easily find their way around to take advantage of the information offered.

Simple tricks for user-friendly navigation

The aesthetics of web design is very important but it becomes useless when the visitor cannot find his around the website. Navigation must be simple so that visitors can easily reach the information they need with as few clicks as possible. Every navigation option must be easily understood by the visitor. Avoid misleading words and phrases on the navigation menu can cause confusion.

Navigation must always be consistent on all the pages so that the visitor will not get lost. One of the most common questions asked by the visitor is “Where am I?” The question must always be answered by indicating the current location in the navigation menu. A location indicator will be a good solution to this issue. Visitors do not always arrive at the website through the homepage but they will know where they are through a combination of visual design changes, symbols and signs.

Navigation must always meet the needs of majority of visitors even if the target audience expects a particular interaction with the website. It is easier for visitors to recognize than remember. Make sure that all important navigation options are permanently visible at all times. It is wrong to assume that an option will not be usable to visitors.

A visitor to the site will be frustrated when the link clicked will reveal a 404 error page in response. Instead of clicking on another link, the visitor will likely stop the search and move to another functioning website.

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