The Website Design Golden Rules

Posted on 12/27/2015 in Design by

You may have read a lot of rules and principles about web design and at some point may have been confused. Here are some of the more precise and simplified instructions for you to follow.

  • Keep in mind that content is king. If you have website which is beautifully designed but is more than an empty shell without great content then do not expect your website to do well. A great website has both great design as well as content. You need to ensure therefore that every page has original and unique contents in them that make them worthwhile to visit.
  • Make sure that you write your own code. Whether you write your code from PHP or HTML, something that you do yourself will still be the best choice. If you build your website from prewritten scripts and templates then you will be clueless if ever something will go wrong. If on the other hand you code your own pages, you surely have full control on how it will look and act.
  • Simple is beautiful. If you put in too much in every page, it would definitely create confusion. Visitors will get frustrated when they scan through rows of images and links in finding what they are looking for. If you keep your pages simple, the website that you have will be much easier to use.
  • The navigation system should be intuitive. There certainly are quite a few things that are much more frustrating than being able to locate certain content on a website. The web pages should be organized well with a great design so that the visitors will be able to browse easily on the different sections in your website.
  • Being consistent is the key. Visitors should not feel like they are visiting another website every time they will open a new page on your website. If you are consistent with every web page design then navigation will be much easier.

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