Things You Shouldn’t Forget For Your Web Design

Posted on 06/04/2015 in Design by

The design of the site along with color and fonts, the scripts, the animations – all of them are something that you should have been able to keep in check when you’re in the web designing process. In this prospect, you’ll definitely be stunned when you visit brony.com. This was the link I was first oriented to when I entered their site while searching for a ‘my little pony hoodies’, however, you could definitely look at other parts of their site as well. They have all kept everything in check and managed to tone it down to a simple yet very appealing look. This feat is no easy task, however, there might be things that you might have forgotten to check with your website. Though not major, it will extremely affect your website’s overall impression. Here are some of the elements in a site that you might have overlooked.

1. The Pictures
Images in your website are crucial especially if you’re selling some products of yours. This is something you should consider investing some real money. Don’t just put any image on your whim. Make sure they’re high quality and that they can attract customers by how they show the products you’re selling. A great set of image will give your customers, a great impression on your products.

2. Logo
This is also something that you should put effort in. A logo is something that would represent your brand and site. It shouldn’t be dealt with by just putting a pre-made font then putting it on the upper portion of the site. This should be something that you or a professional logo designer made.

3. Spaces
Spaces are important elements of your website. Contents that are too cramped will give a bad impression on someone especially if the contents are articles without listings and just continues like it has no end. When you enter the brony.com site, you’ll be able to see immediately that their site has certain spaces that makes it look more refreshing. Believe it or not, this affects greatly on whether your customers stay at your site or not.

4. Division
Whether it’s the column design or how many products are in a single web page, you should mind the division within your website. Too much product in a single web page will mean that your customer should scroll for quite some time before being able to go to the second batch. This puts a strain on them and you might find them leaving just because of this.

These four things are great aspect of a site. Just like how brony has made people buy their my little pony hoodies, pajamas, accessories etc., you may definitely find yourself selling off when you make the right moves for you website.