Trends In Website Design

Posted on 01/15/2015 in Design by

It is now 2015. Another year has come. The trends of 2014 are way behind us. What would we expect this new year? What would the trends be this 2015?

This 2015, here are some website trends that you might want to check out:

The rise of Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are naked buttons. They are flat, usually rectangular in shape and are bordered by lines. A simple text is printed across it. The term ghost was given due to the fact that these buttons are hollow or transparent. Last year, ghost buttons were already used by some websites. It is projected that by this year, this button will be everywhere and a more improved ghost button will be available on the net.

Cooler typography

Before, creating large stylish text on your website was expensive. People with minimal budget on their pocket could not ride in the fun of having trendy typography in their website. Today however, there are now free fonts provided in the internet. You could even avail of a wide array of topography by paying a small sum of money.

Aesthetically appealing, large background graphics

This year, website designers will put in bigger, more beautiful background photography in their websites. This trend will let loose the artistic side of you. This is also a good avenue to market the product of your website. For example, if your website’s main goal is to promote your tutorial services, you could find images of a tutor teaching his student. You could also take the picture yourself and have your friends pose as the teacher and the student. This way, you could direct the poses of your actors to your liking.

Scrolling is in

As the demand of web mobiles continues to surge high, scrolling is preferred over clicking. This feature for most phone and laptops is very helpful. Scrolling is easier to do than finding that tiny button and clicking it.

Continuous improvement of flat design

In the last two years, flat designs were already used by some website. This year, flat designs are here to stay. Improvements are announced by giants such as the Google. Just watch and see the reinventing of flat designs.