Why Content Is More Important Than Web Design

Posted on 12/16/2014 in Content Advise, Uncategorized by

Do web users understand that a website has been built in Drupal or whether web design has a 3-pixel or 5-pixel bevel? With the exception of tech geeks and students taking Information Technology, majority of net users do not even know that Drupal exists. Web users are more concerned with content because it provides them the information they are looking for. Web designers and developers often forget about content when they are creating the most aesthetically looking website to catch audience attention.

Types of content

There are essentially two types of content, text and multimedia. Text is easier to accomplish because even those without any technical skills can do blogs that can provide relevant information about the brand. However, blogs must be consistent because web users always expect something new and unique. Finally, content must be written for global audience, not localized because there are language barriers that must be hurdled. According to B2B Content Marketing Benchmark reports 93% of B2B marketers used content marketing in 2014 and 42% considered this strategy as effective.

The other type of content is multi-media that include animation, images, videos and sound. This is the area where the web designer has more freedom to use his creativity and artistry; however, multi-media content requires technical skills because the creation of animation needs Flash, Ajax and other animation tools. Images are more common on websites but they should be optimized so that loading time cannot be compromised. Image reliant websites, such as retail stores need to consider how they’re loading and arranging images, as well as knowing when to put or not to put extra images. Take for example, www.uglychristmassweater.com, the website background is very simple and there are no other images except for their products and logos. This is very effective since their product is already very specific and their images also serves as both brand recognition and design.

Images are not only used to decorate a website, they can make text more interesting. Sound can be embedded in web pages but keep in mind that not all web users have particular fondness for sound. Adding videos is a lot better but it is often challenging to add video that will work effectively with different browsers.

Content is expected to grow bigger in 2015 but businesses need to be willing to invest in mobile content that is more concise and easily readable on mobile devices. Putting more emphasis on mobile content is essential considering its phenomenal growth. Video can be easily be downloaded through mobile gadgets and businesses can use this opportunity to create brand awareness.


Here’s a great little video about creating content for your website